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We do everything to make our events a safe and pleasurable experience.
For your visit, please note the “IRO Note on Safety and Liability”.




IRO Note on Safety and Risk assessment Requirements for participation and exclusion of liability

The participant agrees to comply with the prerequisites for attending and with the following liability commitment for the duration of the participation at an event of the International Rescue Dog Organisation (IRO):

Eligible for participation are all dog handlers of an age of over 14 years that are registered in due time and who fulfil the requirements for the event. Participants younger than 18 years old do need a declaration of approval of the parents.

The participant uses the training area, which includes the available constructions and training equipment, for himself and his dog and/or dogs and takes part in the vent at his own risk. IRO is not liable for damage caused to participants, their dogs, staff, helpers or visitors during use of the training area – also through available constructions and training equipment and the participation at the event itself. This
also applies to objects and valuables that went missing.

The participant takes part in the event voluntary and at his own risk and exempts IRO from all claims that might be made by members of IRO, the assigned trainer, participants or third parties. The participant principally carries out all training activities on his own free will and by choice also if he has been asked to do so by the assigned trainer.

The participant takes part with the respectively adequate personal safety equipment (PSE) and is aware that the participation is connected with risks and risk of injury, which can include in particular:

Generaldangers through animals
Tracking search Slips, trips, falls
Wet slippy surfaces
Uneven surfaces
Mud, water, dust
Uneven surfaces
Unseen voids
Area search Slips, trips, falls
Wet slippy surfaces Low
hanging branches (eyes)
Uneven surfaces
Mud, water
Obstacles on the ground
Unseen voids
Rubble search Live rubble (moving)
Protruding building parts
Uneven surfaces
Low ceiling heights
Mud, water, dust
Slips, trips, falls
Confined working areas
Working at height
Reinforcement steel
Glass and splinters
loose building parts
Poor visibility (darkness)
Unseen voids
Liquids (other than water)
Avalanche searchCollapse snow cave
Smoking in snow cave
Bad weather conditions
Low temperatures
Claustrophobia in snow
cave Intense solar radiation
Water rescue Drowning
Intense solar radiation
Bad weather conditions
Slipping and falling in boat
Low water temperature
Risks for the dog Infections
Roping without handler
Roping with handler
Interaction (human/dog)
Contamination of worksite
All risks of injury above that are mentioned for the search disciplines

The participant makes the binding statement that there are no health concerns against the participation of himself and his dog.

The participant has to have met provision for medical treatment and clinical care for himself and his dog through insurance and exempts IRO from all claims that might be made in this regard by third parties. For all dogs (also for those that do not  articipate in the actual training) liability insurance has to exist.

The participant commits himself to carry out the exercise in a way so that no danger is caused. Liability in case of gross negligence and intentional violations is unaffected hereby. The IRO as organiser is entitled to exclude participant from the event that endanger other persons or dogs through their behaviour.

The participant explicitly exempts IRO from any liability claims that are made in context with the event, no matter if due to own or third party fault or for other reasons, against IRO, her representatives, assistants or auxiliary persons. Further the participant exempts IRO from any liability against third parties for damage that has been caused within his participation.

With the registration the participant agrees with the mechanical storage and processing of his personal data for the purpose of the event. Further the participant agrees that any photos, movie shots, videos and interviews that were made in context of the participation are being used for promotion of IRO without any remuneration right in radio, television, advertising, books, photomechanical copies and DVDs. Likewise the provided registration data and the participation result can be spread, published or used otherwise.

An alteration of start numbers or passing them on to third parties leads to exclusion at the respective event.

The participants have to follow the instructions of the organiser. The event takes place at any weather conditions. The organiser is entitled, for any reason, to modify the event and to cancel it, particularly in case of act of nature beyond control or authorities’ requirements and orders.

In case of cancellation of the event due to reasons that are beyond the control of the organiser the participation fee is not refunded. In case of prevention of participation or non-attendance at the event there is no claim for restitution.

Austrian law applies, Place of jurisdiction is Salzburg

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  • 24-hour emergency GP services for adults are provided by the Emergency Unit of the Ljubljana University Medical Centre entrance from the Bohoričeva ulica street

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In case of minor health problems such as colds, headaches, temperature above normal, and insect bites, medicines can be obtained from pharmacies also without a prescription.