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Supervising Judge

Daniel Sedlak (CZ)

has been in rescue dog sports since 1990 and since then has joined numerous missions nationally and internationally. He became Int. IRO Judge in 2000, is part of the IRO MRT Classifier team, and Spokesperson for Training and Judges on the IRO Executive Board.

Main Judge Rubble Search

Detlef Kühn (DE)

has started in dog sports at the age of 16. After having been a national judge for several years he became Int. IRO Judge in 1993. He belonged to the IRO Executive Board for many years, and is Judge and Classifier at IRO Testing Events, WCHs, and MRTs worldwide.

Co-Judge Rubble Search

Alois Russegger (AT)

has been working with search and rescue dogs since 1981 and has been a soldier and military dog handler for Schutzhund and SAR dogs until 2017. Among others, he is an active mantrailer and instructor of IMTAK9 (International Mantrailing Academy). He became Int. IRO Judge and Trainer in 2007.

Main Judge Area Search

Astrid Laner (IT)

has been working with dogs privately and professionally since she was 12 years old. She has been an Int. IRO Judge since 2002, and has since then judged at several IRO World Championships. She is a Classifier for IRO MRTs, a trainer for search and rescue dogs, and currently Assessor Judge for IRO. As an active dog handler, Astrid has reached third place in Rubble search at the IRO WCH 2017.

Co-Judge Area Search

Kazuhiro Sawada (JP)

has been active in rescue dog sports and training since 1976. In 1981, he founded a private dog school. He has taken part in several IRO WCHs, is an active dog handler and became an Int. IRO Judge in 2005.

Main Judge Tracking

Pavel Sabacky (CZ)

is a solocellist at the Philharmonic Orchestra Brno. Since 1986 he was in national and international missions, and has won the World Championship twice. He became an Int. IRO Judge in 2000 and has since then judged a number of times at the IRO WCH.

Co-Judge Tracking

Gerd Thanner (AT)

is active in search and rescue dog sports since the 1980s and since then, has trained numerous dogs. He has been an active SAR dog handler for more than 30 years and in many missions, among  others after the earthquake in Armenia in 1988. He is FCI Judge since 1991 and became Int. IRO Judge in 1997.

Main Judge Ob/Dex

Hannes Hiltpolt (AT)

is an active rescue dog handler since 1995 and an IT professional. Since 2008 he is Int. Rescue Dog Judge (FCI), and Int. IRO Judge since 2015.

Co-Judge Ob/Dex

Kaori Oshima (JP)

has been working with SAR dogs for more than 20 years and became an Int. IRO Judge in 2009. She is a dog trainer, trains SAR dogs for the navy and air force, and has repeatedly taken part in the IRO WCH. Kaori has been in national and international missions after earthquakes, mudslides and in area search.